No one loves parrots like we do, We don't breed, sell or trade our parrots.

A 5+++ is not enough stars for this sanctuary . Zaksee sanctuary has been an amazing home for our bird Teko. Teko was my daughter’s bird but as my daughter got older she spent more time with her friends and school activities and less time with Teko. It wasnt fair to Teko so very sadly we had to find another home for him. However, finding Zaksee Sanctuary was a blessing in disguise. Teko has found a bird “friend”. They are inseparable. I believe he is much happier at Zaksee Sanctuary. Additionally, Teko has received wonderful care by, Magid who loves each bird dearly. It takes Magid over two hours to feed and give the birds fresh water and he does it twice a day; and all along talking, and giving each bird individual attention. Awesome sanctuary!!!



We are located in the Tampa, Florida area and request you contact us for appointments for your visit. We do encourage you to visit if possible when considering placing your parrot into our sanctuary. We also encourage you to contribute in any way possible. Financially or by volunteering. Volunteers make a difference in this world!