No one loves parrots like we do, We don't breed, sell or trade our parrots.

I can attest to the “Magic” of Zaksee Parrot Sanctuary, having left my 10 year old umbrella cockatoo, Cirque, in the care of Magic and his loving volunteers, just 2 weeks ago. This was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do but after visiting Zaksee’s, I knew it was the right place for my “baby” who had returned to plucking his feathers probably out of boredom. Zaksee’s, on Gardner Rd, is the perfect setting for parrots; you really feel like you are in a jungle or rain forest! Cirque’s favorite place to be is “outside” and now he can say it all he wants and enjoy being “outside” with approximately 100 other parrots who reside there.

I returned to the Sanctuary twice after leaving him, to be sure he was adjusting well. I found Cirque and all the other parrots to be well cared for, loved and paid attention to by many, many people who love birds, just like I do! It was very reassuring! I have since returned to Virginia; Magic has sent me videos and photos of Cirque being “outside” and enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine, screaming along with all the other parrots and truly loving life! Thank you Magic and your many volunteers for loving my Cirque, and giving him the attention he was so craving! I look forward to returning in the future to work alongside your volunteers. I am also signed up as a monthly financial donor, as I whole heartedly believe in the “Magic” of Zaksee’s.



We are located in the Tampa, Florida area and request you contact us for appointments for your visit. We do encourage you to visit if possible when considering placing your parrot into our sanctuary. We also encourage you to contribute in any way possible. Financially or by volunteering. Volunteers make a difference in this world!